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[Software Forces] took the time to understand our specific business and information needs. The enterprise reporting system they customized for us has revolutionized the way we access data to make smart day to day business decisions. - Don B., Deutsche Bank


I’m fairly new to Crystal Reports, so I was a bit nervous about trying an add-on but the online tutorials were spot on and gave me the confidence I needed. - Bill D., Questar
I would like to compliment Brian for his excellent demonstration and patience in showing .rpt Inspector 3 Professional Suite. I usually never give feedback for customer support staff, but Brian gave exceptional customer support to my staff member and myself. Not only did he show us the features of interest to us, but he also listened to what we were telling him and was able to show us other features of the product that will be extremely useful when we purchase the product. - Shannon F., Biz-Med
I just wanted to say thank you very much. I have dealt with a lot of customer service and you guys went beyond what I expected. - Kayvon K., Operation Technology
Thank you again. I'm really extremely satisfied with the customer service you are giving us. - Milenko G.

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We recommend a tool called .rpt Inspector [Professional Suite] from Software Forces to do bulk modifications of Crystal Reports. - Blair Wheadon, Crystal Reports Product Management Team, SAP Crystal Reports Community Network forum
I needed to change the data source in a number of Crystal Reports that I developed for a client last week. I had developed the reports on my own PC, emailed them to the client and then tried to change the data source from within Crystal. Unfortunately, the client was using an older version of Crystal that apparently doesn't easily accommodate data source changes. After determining that I wasn't going to be able to mod the SQL queries to point to the client databases, I went searching the web for a tool that would help. Gladly, I found one that quite easily changes the data source on one or multiple reports in one pass. - Frank Hamelly, GP2themax
... search for a text used in formula in all reports (CMS Database). We have hundreds of reports and some are using legacy Crystal formula syntax. We want to know which reports are using such formula. I used Software Forces .rpt Inspector [Enterprise Suite] tool. It is a cool tool and fast. I recommend this for clean reports development and maintenance. - Shamanth Reddy, SAP BusinessObjects Community Network forum
It’s everything you said it was. Surprisingly quick changes and an easy interface. You’ve really come through with a winner. - Scott F., FNF Canada
It’s not always obvious what you’re missing until you get a chance to see it in operation. After spending about twenty minutes with [.rpt Inspector], I realized it’s a product I can’t be without. - Jenny W., Hunter New England Health
My company just went through a merger. The subsequent name change gave my staff weeks of work in order to standardize all the disparate reports…this type of change will be much easier with .rpt Inspector. Thanks for sharing the evaluation copy with [my company]. - Ben J., American Cancer Society
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME product. I know I'm going to sound like a commercial, but if you have multiple reports that you need to change (a formula, text field, formatting, etc), this is definitely the way to go. It also allowed us to search fields for certain info (which customers use certain fields or have certain text in their reports). . - redneckdiver, Tek-Tips Forums
I'm just climbing into .rpt Inspector and it looks awesome! You weren't kidding about the ease of use. I'm firing away and using the power within 30 minutes. It's fast becoming an indispensable tool for me. - Alison M., Aetna
I went to the web site and downloaded the .rpt Inspector. Had it up and running in five minutes. - Tim V., Ontario Management Board Secretariat
I’ve already got the [purchase order] in the works. Can’t wait to get this to my team. - Kathy E., Carters
Our whole report-writing crew (about 6 people) is interested in this [.rpt Inspector]. - Andrew N., Bloomberg
Normally you would go to database, verify database to have a report recognize a change in the database. You can do this with multiple reports all at once with .rpt Inspector. - dgillz, Tek-Tips Forums
What can I say. Your product [.rpt Inspector] is amazing. I never dreamed editing my Crystal Reports could be so easy. - Tony C., Verizon

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