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We Offer Unique Business Solutions

The availability of data has never been greater than it is today but using data in way that solves day-to-day business problems has never been more difficult. Like the alchemist of old, the quest to turn lead into gold is similar to an organization’s attempt at turning data into useful business information. For example, your business need may be to control corporate spending. The typical approach might be to provide endless lines of cost-center detail to the finance controller in the mistaken belief that he can control spending. We have a different approach. We would apply your established business rules and practices to refine that data into a comprehensive set of business graphs that act as a “dashboard” of distilled information. Provide these “dashboards” of actual vs. budgeted expense information to line-managers daily to empower those who really make the spending decisions. Our goal is to help you discover and access gold mines of information that will improve your company’s ability to make sound day-to-day business decisions. Information is your organization’s most valuable asset. Let Software Forces help you utilize your business information systems to access and control your company data in a timely and intelligent manner. You have made substantial investments in your data systems; let’s claim the return on that investment. The ability to quickly and accurately access your company data has never been more important than it is today.

Consulting That Makes a Difference

Software Forces’ consultants bring people and information together. We are not afraid to “roll up our shirt sleeves” to understand you business by working with your company employees from developers to end users. To make a difference to your business we will
  • Listen to you to understand your business in order to pinpoint your specific business information needs
  • Define the process of providing information to those in your organization who need it to solve specific business problems
  • Understand where that data resides and produce a plan for gathering it
  • Learn your business practices and procedures to define business rules that are applied to the collected data to produce refined data sets.
  • Format your refined data sets in a way that makes it immediately useful to your employees. We can structure your data into intelligent, timely and useful information because we partner with you to understand your business needs
  • Make your business information easy to understand and accessible to the right people, at the right time, for maximum productivity
  • Look at your business information in an innovative way. Partner with Software Forces and reach new levels of success by advancing your information technology and making it work for you.

    Case Study Examples

    The following case studies demonstrate Software Forces’ ability to learn our clients’ specific business information needs and respond to them in an exceptional and innovative way. See how we use our clients’ business practices and procedures to design and deliver custom system solutions developed uniquely for them. Case Study #1 - An investment bank Case Study #2 - Investment advisory company Case Study #3 - Insurance and financial services company
    If you have a success story that you'd like to share about your experience with Software Forces, we are eager to hear it -- and possibly share it with other visitors to our web site. All we need are the answers to a few questions. Fill out Case Study Questionnaire Software Forces will not publish your story without your prior review and approval