I've changed a property across multiple reports. Some are shown in red and some are not, even though all show as changed

You've opened multiple reports, selected those reports, and have changed a property (i.e. Author) across the selected reports. In the property list, some of these reports are marked in red (the default color used to show a changed property -- until the report(s) are saved). Why?
With .rpt Inspectorâ„¢ 2 Professional Suite, we've added support for sub-reports. The behavior of properties in sub-reports is not always the same as that of a regular report. Some sub-report properties are automatically inherited from the parent report. So if one of the selected reports was a main report, depending on the property, it may automatically push this property down to the sub-report. In this case, if you are modifying such a property, even if you've selected the main report and its sub-report, the moment you change the main report, the sub-report changes automatically and when we do a compare we see that there has been no change and therefore do not flag it in red. However, undo still works in those cases as it will undo the main report and automatically the sub-report.

Applies to

.rpt Inspector 2 Professional Suite (for CR5.x-CR8.5)
.rpt Inspector 2 Professional Suite (for CR9.x-CR10.x)